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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs


I was jailbroken since my first iPhone 4. Since I wanted some Widgets which nobody made like I wanted, I started learning HTML, CSS and JS to create my own Widgets.
Furthermore I hated it to found no Theme which have all apps I use themed, so I started to design my first Theme.
Last but not least I started to create my own Repo and Website and I hope you enjoy my work.

Screen Saver 12

Screen Saver 13

If you want apples iOS 13 screen saver app you need a jailbroken device and the following two tweaks:
Apps Manager - Repo
Ext3nder - Repo

Now follow this instruction:
Download the iOS 13 backup or iOS 12 backup or iOS 11 backup and the Screen Saver ipa. Then open Ext3nder and install the ipa. After this you just have to insert the backup in apps manager and restore the app with the backup. That's all!

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